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Cruising Gigolo (An Erotic Bisexual Romp)

104 pages1 hour


BarbarianSpy Bisexual Romp

Sometimes it is a distinct advantage to look and sound like a young Denzel Washington, even though you are an Indian from Goa. Especially if you want to do well as a bisexual gigolo and dining room waiter aboard the Quincy Queen on a seven-day cruise along the New England coast.

Freddie—not his real name, but one easily remembered by passengers at tip time—has a pimp, his dining room section head-waiter, Alphonse, who has a talent for loading up the table assignments in their section with an assortment of passengers with various sexual needs and proclivities.

In this somewhat tongue-in-cheek, but highly sexually charged, collection of stories, Freddie exhibits his talent for both fulfilling those needs and earning a good keep while leaving each of the passengers, both male and female, better off than they were before boarding the Quincy Queen.

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