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Because Sometimes Magic Comes in the Simplest of Things

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Because Sometimes Magic Comes in the Simplest of Things-A Little Bit of Anti-Logical Thinking in a Prose Poem Collection

I have included in this work: all those prose poems I have written since 1986 and a few other things, that fall outside the realms of either prose or poetry, hence the second title.

To me, Poetic Prose is that which "feels" poetic, that is has the Ring of Truth, but does not set aside it's foundation in The Real. Many times, I have pondered the bedrock of poetry and most of the time found it to be: That Which Sounds TRUE. Prose on the other hand, like fable, myth, and legend, while based on Truth, calls us to believe that a world exists outside our own, though none the less "real".

What these pieces do, many of them philosophical/metaphysical musings, is say: Here is a Reality, x, y, z, and Yes, it is True, but it is ALSO Real. Sometimes, the two of those do Meet in the middle, but can only be called to, like a best friend, you have not seen in a long time.

I hope you enjoy them, and they empower you to set aside ANY and ALL concepts you have about what "Form" means and just right like you hear it.


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