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It seems as though so many marriages today are in trouble, with couples feeling as though they have nowhere to turn for help. Instead of seeking God for an answer or even communicating with one another, they look in all the wrong places—and sometimes get themselves involved in outside relationship. But God’s desire is for marriage to last until the death of one of the partners.

In Helpful Marriage Nuggets, author Alfreda Marie Caldwell encourages couples to do whatever is necessary to keep their marriage together, no matter what problems they are facing. Caldwell uses short passages from the Bible and her own inspirational words to encourage couples to work on their marriage. Sometimes just taking a good look within can bring a couple closer together. And being able to apologize and ask for forgiveness can save a marriage.

Caldwell’s prayer is that you will be blessed by using these nuggets—your relationships restored and broken hearts healed in Jesus’ name. Do not give up on God. Pray and ask him to restore your marriage. He is ready and willing. Are you?

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