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20-20: A Retrospective View Of The Near Future

Length: 505 pages7 hours


The United States is no more. The North American continent, devastated by dictatorship, internal sabotage, civil wars, massive pillage and ruinous invasion and occupation, is reduced to a backwater region of the all-powerful World Government, derisively dubbed Worg. What is left of the population is divided into three castes. At top is the ruling caste that dubs itself Global Ormolu Democracy or GOD, so named by its first leader. The next echelon is the enforcer caste, whose task is to keep the remainder of the population in subjection, by any means necessary. And this remainder, about 360 million strong, is divided into the Incorps, those who are incorporated and do GOD's work, and the leftovers, who exist outside the body of GOD.

Yet there is still resistance: tiny pockets of stubborn Americans, poorly armed, uncoordinated, unaware of each others' existence, but stubbornly refusing to disappear or be exterminated.

When Jonathan Elliot Hale returns from overseas military duty to his home in what used to be Virginia, he finds nothing but destruction. He ultimately finds his way to one resistance cell in the Shenandoah. As a mustered-out Navy special forces officer, he is elected commander. He leads his resistance units in bloody but successful combat against the hated GOD and Worg, with the ultimate goal of reconquering his country, expelling Worg invaders and GOD leeches, and reestablishing the American constitutional republic as it was intended to be.

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