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18: Stories 13-24

Length: 146 pages2 hours


18 and Hanging With the Big Boys
Landy was never allowed to play poker with the older kids. But when she turns 18, they’re suddenly inviting her in, and she’s about to find out that they like her a lot more than they’ve ever let on.

18 and Still a Brat
Sometimes it’s just too hard to be a big girl. Dandy, eighteen years old, is throwing a major tantrum. Something has to be done about this.

18 and Accountable
It’s Carly’s eighteenth birthday and she just wants to take a nap before the festivities begin. But when she wakes up, she’s not alone. Boy is her first birthday surprise going to be a big one.

18 Times 2
What’s better than a virgin female who wants nothing more than to prove herself to you? Well, just take that times two and you have your answer. Logan’s a luck man.

18 and Experimenting
Kera’s a nerd. She’s had the same nerd friends her whole life. But then she filled out and got hot. So will she abandon her old friend’s for a hot jock? The answer to this question can only answered through proper experimentation. Kera knows just what to do.

18 and by the Pool
Tired from her recent 18th birthday festivities and her boyfriend’s increased pressure for adult activities, Pander just wants a quiet day to herself. But lying by the pool, she sees something that will change what she wants on this day and for the rest of her life.

18 and Pissed
Nightly is ready to fight. She’s so ready that she’s offering up the ultimate prize to the nerd who can beat her. Can she beat them all, or will satisfaction go to her geeky enemies?

18 and Goodbye
Sometimes it’s hard to say goodbye to those who have loved and supported you. Of course, some ways of saying goodbye are better than others.

18 and Organized for Sex
Carol works in a think tank with six genius men. That ratio of male to females has gotten her thinking of a lot more than work, lately. Luckily, she turns eighteen and can do something about it.

18 and Services Wanted
Why would two eighteen-year-old females hire a personal trainer to come to their home instead of working out at the gym? Von suspects they might be embarrassed of their bodies. But Von’s in for a big surprise when he shows up at the residence to find two girls he’s seen before. And they don’t seem shy about their bodies at all.

18 and Home for the Holidays
Mr. Welsh and Mr. Birdie didn’t need to keep their teaching jobs. But they did, to help out advances students like Tina. Now that Tina is eighteen and already through college, she’s ready to give them the reward they deserve.

18 and the Target
Gaby was sheltered her whole life. She was even homeschooled. About her only social outlet was the baseball team she played on, and she was the only girl. Now that she’s eighteen, she’s having a party, and she’s inviting the pitchers. If they hit her with the ball, they get a prize.

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