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A Vagrant Story

Length: 446 pages6 hours


Amazon top 10 best seller

When four homeless people find a suicide note they vow to save the man who wrote it before he can carry it out. With only until New Year's Eve to track him down they follow clues in the note which lead them on a journey across the city.

Having long hidden in the darkness of the gutter, the four must finally return to the world they left behind and inevitably face the demons of their past they've long been running from.

They find a city corrupted, over run with turf wars and violence. The people tremble as a serial killer stalks the midnight air. The police appear to have given up hope in catching him. This killer is seemingly unstoppable. Unstoppable, until his path crosses with that of four hapless bums. The last thread of hope lies in each of their hands as their journey to save one man’s life causes them to save many.

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