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People Who Changed Our Lives For Better Or Worse

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People who changed our lives and altered the thinking pattern in the past 100 years or more are worth remembering. These people with remarkable talents have become immortals.
During my 75 years of existence on this earth, I have seen the bullock cart age and commercial form of transportation. When I was fifteen, I travelled 1000 km by train which completed in 36 hours. Now you can travel 1000 kms an hour by any commercial jet plane.
People seldom survived past 40-50 years in the beginning of century. Now there are 30,000 people continue to live past 100 years, apparently, the remarkable advancement in medical diagnostic and antibiotics.
During 1960-70, all administrative offices were clogged with thousand of files. Record keeping was a full time job of a secretary. Now with the click of button, your name and entire bio data reflects on the screen. People no longer carry stack wads of cash to travel distant land. A dozen plastic cards has become the standard mode of transaction.
The list goes on. Once my friend asked me what the greatest invention during the last 200 years was. I said electricity but in fact each invention is great because each one is dependent on other.

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