Learn Skills to Keep the Devil in His Place: Volume 3

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Learn Skills to Keep the Devil in His Place: Volume 3

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Volumes 1 and 2 of this series far exceeded my expectations. Plenty of folks partook of the content of both volumes of, Learn Skills to Keep the Devil in His Place. My gratitude is extended for the multiplied success of the content. Surely, what it contains has been instrumental in sharpening my spirit, mind and body. Yes, indeed, I have a keener understanding of what’s truly meaningful and effective to keep the devil in his place. That can only be done with the Lord as foundation and anchor. It’s a pleasure to share this Volume 3 with you; my firm belief is that your confidence level will increase and be lifted to higher dimensions.

In this Volume 3 mix of skills, my aim is to stir hearts to deeper awareness of the value of steadfastly walking in truth. The rewards are plentiful and beyond mere satisfaction. Assorted tips are offered to understand how to keep the devil in his place. It’s impossible to do that without the awesome and amazing guidance of GOD Almighty through His beloved Son, Jesus Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit.

I share about my healing -- a healing that likely you won’t expect relative to its description. Further, I share about my thankfulness. There’s even a piece about potted plants and the benefits of obtaining timely placements.

My belief is that the content of this book will aid in your journey to better recognize the signature of you and how to go forward with deeper love, power, understanding and thankfulness.

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