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A Divine Waltz

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"A Divine Waltz" is an epic romance novel about a nurse who loves to dance and her adventures with the men in her life who either fuel or thwart her passion. When Linda Serafina, a shy girl from rural Illinois attends college in the late 1970s, she accepts a part time job as a participant (called an oneironaut) in a dream research lab at the medical school. Her life is changed forever when she dreams of a beautiful, elegant man lifting and swirling her through a glorious waltz in an ethereal place. While she finishes up her collegiate studies in nursing she keeps the mysterious dream in the back of her mind. Tragically, just before graduation her best friend and former roommate dies in an accident and with a heavy heart she accepts her first nursing position in a large midwestern city. Seth, a handsome but rough cut rock and roller/motorcyclist romances her, yet Linda continues to remember the dream of the glorious dance. At the same time her friend comes to visit her during her dreams and tell her about her new life on "the other side." When a dying cancer patient (she works on an oncology ward) tells her he sees visions of her dancing, she decides to learn to dance once and for all, feeling somehow drawn to it. Over the next decades she says goodbye to Seth, becomes a competition quality ballroom dancer, meets her husband Stephen and mothers a little girl and a little boy. They grow to successful adulthood, Linda spends her last days in a cottage on her son's property and in the end learns the astounding secret of the mysterious man in the wondrous marble hall during her dream in college.

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