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Mutt’s life hasn’t worked out exactly as he had hoped. The fanciful dreams of his youth, inspired by his childhood in Los Angeles of the 1960s, have slowly yielded to the harsher realities of life as an adult. Bored and in a stagnant job that can’t fulfill his yearning for excitement he feels trapped in his inertia.
Mutt plans a day at an air show with the kids, hoping that his passion for old planes will inspire him. While there, a surprise encounter with a vintage seaplane sparks something fresh in his soul. To Mutt, this chance discovery brings him back to a time when anything was possible. His life and passions were centered around the magic of a Hollywood movie studio and the Monsoon Goon, an abandoned ramshackle seaplane left to decay on the back lot. Thanks to the encouragement of Mr. D and the combined efforts of Mutt and his vivid imagination, Beeper and his flawless logic and Bear Spot’s seamless courage, the Monsoon Goon is given a fighting chance.
Mutt comes to realize that he turned his back on his dreams and friendships of so long ago. Now, to move forward, Mutt has to go back a bit.
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ISBN: 9781491725962
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