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Kingdom Manifesto

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'Kingdom Manifesto' is the first installment in the 'The Heliopolis Gospel' series of Graphic Novels to be released during 2014.

'Kingdom Manifesto' provides an overview of the material that will be presented in the subsequent installments.

The premise of the Series, is that there are levels of Christianity that have been ignored, chiefly concerning the nature of the 'agape' love of God, and the human experience of that love as a 'Virtue Erotic'.

There is good evidence to show that there is a stream of knowledge running through Judaism and Christianity, that reaches back before the Cataclysm. Knowledge that many Initiates have been privy to over the years, but that was not openly disclosed before the coming of Jesus. It is encoded in plain view within the writings of St Paul, and the Gospel and Epistles of St John, and a number of other early Christian texts.

This knowledge has been suppressed since approximately 180 AD, with the 'reforms' of Ireneus of Lyons, and Victor of Rome, but is the birthright of any true disciple of Jesus.

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