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Whether it was the blood spilt in the jungles or poisoned for an assault on the genes, the inter-species battles were over. While there were still bloody arguments yet to come, most ambitions would now be channelled into the political arena where humanity's prejudices could be aired under the cloak of its assumed superiority! But thanks to the continuing heroism of a few, bigotry and corruption would be fought all the way through the Senate and the courts to the next stage of evolutions design, the survival of all species!
It would be the cut and thrust in the courts that determined whether or not there was a case for allowing other intelligent species to be classified as people. Only then might evolution unfurl its more peaceful path to interspecific survival.
There were the broader questions: What were the war and trade implications of the epigenetics evidence that showed that some aliens had moved a little further along evolution's intelligence trail? Would humanity ever be confident enough to accept this reality; and break free of their own mutations that had always told them that life was all about the survival of the fittest?

Published: John Pearce on Apr 30, 2014
ISBN: 9781311228437
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