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The Private Diaries of Dr. Watson

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The Private Diaries of Dr. Watson brings to light thirteen new cases that Watson considered either too personal to Holmes or himself or too risqué. We see an unexpected side to Sherlock and his brother Mycroft in The Illegitimate Daughter when they revisit the Holmes ancestral home and meet the elusive third brother. Holmes is at his professional best when hunting for a violent axe murderer in The Seaside Horror, or solving the murder of a gardener at his Aunt’s private girl’s school in Death Amidst the Orchids. He’s almost stumped when tackling a serial killer in The Full Moon Killer, and proves to be Watson’s staunchest ally when Watson is arrested for murder in The Trial of Dr. Watson. That old favourite, Colonel Warbuton’s Madness is finally mentioned in detail, and in the remaining cases we gain greater insight into both Holmes and Watson’s characters, their strengths, their foibles and their attitudes to fortune and the unfortunate. A must read for all lovers of Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes.

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