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Entering the world of Grigory Gurevich’s artistic vision, one finds a horizon rich in hue, texture, media and mood. In multiplicity of style, variety of inventiveness, Gurevich’s oeuvre epitomizes twentieth century art as a whole. During his education at St. Peterburg’s prestigious Academy of Fine and Industrial Arts, Gurevich cultivated an aesthetic ideal, while receiving a practical education as well. This educational scaffold supported the creative and prolific fruition of his enormous talent and versatility. Mr. Gurevich’s range includes watercolor, acrylic, oil, sculpture, pencil drawing, mobils, ceramics, hand made books, photography, jewelry, interior and furniture design. His representational work reflects his classical training and precision, while the non-representational pieces suggest impressions of primary process and archetypal images of the unconscious. When Mr. Gurevich immigrated to the United States in the late 70’s, his fascination with pen and ink captured his imagination. Through printmaking, woodcuts, etchings, lithographs and engravings, a sophisticated skill emerged with boundless energy. In time came adjustment to a new country and new relationships, and with this integration, lush colors burst forth in still life, portraiture and photographs. The fluidity and transparency of his late watercolors reveal a new found spontaneity and clarity which hold their own brilliance in their strength and expressive power. In expressionistic tones Gurevich explores his emotional reactions to what he sees in the world in a personal and subjective way that gives his audience a window into the complexity of his ideas and intelligence. Two of Gurevich’s commissioned sculptures, permanently exhibited in New Jersey, reveal the range of his achievement. A bust installed at the New Jersey Institute of Technology is sculpted in the classic method of modeling and carving. The seven life size bronze figures, which comprise tableau entitled “Commuters”, stand in Newark’s Penn Station. Executed through the traditional sculpting and carving method in combination with modern construction and assemblage technique, they bear testimony to Gurevich’s full measure of technical, dramatic and aesthetic sensibility. Gurevich has been the recipient of twenty awards for his outstanding artistic contributions. A gifted teacher of art and pantomime, he has conducted more then 2000 workshops for students in America. His background as an architect enriches his teaching method which stresses the relationship between solid forms in space, perspective and triangular composition., mood is set more in terms of arrangement than solely by the subject represented. Grigory Gurevich is a man of superb sensibility, amiability, conviction and gentility. He stands firmly planted in two worlds: one which has been born into a classical age, and the other, the artist’s realm, which sets him apart from any one period of time. Gurevich possesses the soul and integrity of character which newer rests on its laurels. The soul of the artist seeks continually to toil and produce in pursuit of unlimited possibility. And through the representation of this ideal, the artist enlivens the inner world of his viewer. The words of this introduction do not adequately translate the images which this catalogue includes. Art works speak for themselves in language beyond words.
Dr. Demetria DeLia Jan. 2007
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