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The time of the Khram Tabwuiq is drawing near and the Grand Inquisitor
has fi nally learned that the key to it resides within the Word made
fl esh. He will stop at nothing in obtaining his prize - a young woman
named Selene Ross.
The devastating events of a fi nal war of attrition decimate the human
population to a mere 1 billion. Yet, a glimmer of hope lies in the discovery of
a new planet - Terrah. However, rebuilding the human race is not as simple
as the Reunited Nations had conceived. Sent to secure the new colony
world, Lieutenant Selene Ross and the crew of the battlecarrier Solitude
quickly become humanity’s last hope for survival when the forces of the
Grand Inquisitor strike with overwhelming force.
Little does Selene know that she is the reason for the war. But she is not
alone on her journey as she pines for fellow pilot Victor, who secretly shares
the same longing for her under the jealous eyes of his comrade. Trapped in a
hostile, militaristic world, the young souls aboard the Solitude must battle their
own demons and confront the mysterious enemy from beyond the void.
Published: Xlibris on
ISBN: 9781493136483
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