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A wonderful new children’s book that I’m sure you’ll agree is a perfect fit for the little children in your life. The children’s book is new and beautifully illustrated. It’s available in two formats (softcover and e-book). The story has two levels. The first is for little children with a playful story about life and times of snow leopards. Second is for adults and young adults where a strong rebuke is delivered for fur trade, poaching, mistreatment and loss of habitats for these beautiful cats. This stirring short story told to me by my Mother now placed in print form is inspiring for all ages. The story follows the family of Tabbu(mother) and Ges(father) and their cubs through living in the mountains where man invades their hunting grounds and break the family apart. Ges is killed by hunters. Tabbu’s story is followed afterwards. She’s taken into captivity which crushes her spirit and will to live. She dies in captivity and is joyously reunited with Ges in the afterlife. It’s a feel good story that really makes one stop to think about man’s interactions with the wild (particularly Snow Leopards)."

Published: Xlibris on
ISBN: 9781493175420
List price: $3.99
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