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In “Living the Spiritual Life Today”, a selected extract from Imre Vallyon’s “Planetary Transformation”, the author gives the spiritual seeker practical guidance on how to deal with doubt, crisis and stress while living a balanced spiritual life in today’s world.
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Living The Spiritual Life Today - Imre Vallyon

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Table of Contents


The Search for Reality

The Real Spiritual Path

The Stage of Doubt

Finding Balance in Spiritual Life

Dealing with Crisis

Crisis is Rebirth




by Imre Vallyon

The Spiritual Path Series Vol 9

(A selected extract from Planetary Transformation by Imre Vallyon)

ISBN: 978-0-909038-99-1

April 2014

Sounding-Light Publishing Ltd

PO Box 771, Hamilton 3240, New Zealand

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The Search for Reality

The human being is a complicated creature. We consist of two major parts: the totally spiritual and the totally material. By the material part, I mean the physical body (the temporary manifestation into which you have incarnated in this particular lifetime and many lifetimes before), your emotional nature, your thinking nature and the life-energy inside you. The other part of you, the spiritual part, does not incarnate and is always the same. You may call it the Soul, the Spirit, or the Divinity within you.

In this extremely materialistic society in which we are living, there is too much emphasis on physical things, on physical comforts and enjoyment, on mental creativity and thinking for its own sake. With all that busyness of society, the spiritual part of us—that which has existed since the beginning of time and which will exist until the end of time and beyond—is completely forgotten. Of all the people in the world, how many are desperately seeking the spiritual part of themselves? Thousands maybe, but what is that compared to the seven billion on this planet?

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