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"A vehicle approached the Alliance from the direction of Silk Road. She immediately recognized Charles' Pierce Arrow and Miles, his chauffeur. But why would he stop here? She had not seen Charles since the day they had separated, having decided to try to each in their own way to heal from death of their child. Not realizing how sick he was, Eleanor left him to run away with Dante Ravelli. The death of her beautiful son gnawed at her heart every day.
But Charles.... She had no idea if he had even begun to heal from the tragedy. The last time they spoke his pain seemed insurmountable, for he blamed himself for bringing Robbie, their child, to the mill to show him off. It was there he contracted diphtheria and died.
When the chauffeur helped Charles from his vehicle her worst fears were realized. His fingers were like sticks; he could hardly walk.

Kirkus Reviews, A Woman Possessed: "A fine historical novel with a feisty, engagingly flawed heroine and a cinematic plot."

Blue Ink Press: "The author brilliantly traces Eleanor's decline from a strong woman of character to a spoiled socialite with one man on her mind.... Author Marilyn Hering writes confidently and with authority...this expertly constructed narrative combines many of the elements of great story telling."
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ISBN: 9781491730522
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