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How to Start a Dog Grooming Business With Little or No Experience

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This book is not a systematic guide on how to groom pets. You can find many books on that topic. Instead, this is a guide to assist with the aspects of opening and operating a grooming business. It offers helpful tips, advice, and experiences you may not have considered. Understanding all aspects of the grooming business is important in decision making and growing a successful business. Although there are limited instructions on grooming, this book centers around steps the author took to open a successful grooming business. The author had no prior grooming experience; that didn't stop her. She was told her house wasn't zoned for a commercial business; that didn't stop her either. This book tells how she got past these issues, and provides tips and tricks to help you get started. The author had no guides or prior formal instruction. The Internet had been invented, but was not widely accessible. She taught herself how to groom and will share these tips. She then learned, through trial and error, how to open and operate a grooming business. This book is designed to help you plan, open, and operate a pet grooming business by learning from her actions and mistakes.

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