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Under the Polish Moon

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Serving in the Army is an experience all of its own as Walt was soon to learn. His assignment of working in a stockade resulted in friendships that carried over into civilian life. After their discharge, four friends joined together to operate Discrete Inquiries, a private investigation agency.

They soon became embroiled in a case involving a young girl, her family and the hoodlums who preyed upon her. The unfeeling judge, an unfair assistant DA and the solutions of Walt and his associates makes for interesting reading. Some unique handling of those responsible for the problems with more than a few breath-holding events will keep your interest, if not always earning your approval.

Under the Polish Moon is about life and the problems some of us face. We see the kind of people who try to harm us and those who live their lives trying to be of help.

Walt’s humor shows through even in the trying times. The character’s lives and loves are probably similar to people you know. Maybe even yourself.

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