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Liphar Magazine Issue 2

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What an overwhelming response to our first issue! Such positive and uplifting comments to articles, interviews and stories we received. We at Liphar would like to thank you for your support and feedback. This makes it all worthwhile.
We will not rest on our laurels though, but continue to improve our high standard with more in- depth articles, more probing interviews, whilst keeping you abreast with books reviews and new trends.
As the reader, we value your comments on articles, interviews, articles, stories, art and photo gallery and book reviews. This is an opportunity for you to give us your opinion. You can do this autonomously with feedback on anything you read in Liphar.
To reiterate for submissions of articles: nominate yourself or someone else for an interview, advertise, or submit photographs with good composition that reflect your work and images of your art that reflect your particular style. Artists and non-professional photographers are welcome to submit their work to the Art Gallery. Please contact the relevant department at
In this issue: An inspiring erotic memoir interview with Emma Styles of a married woman's sexual journey from housewife to fully liberated muse and plaything. Oxford mother, Jane Yates with the reading age of a 12-year-old and the spelling age of an eight-year-old, has swept her dyslexia aside to write her first novel; shares her struggles in an interview. Wilbur Hollinger examines editing software and its usefulness as a tool to a writer. Staff reporter, John Loval, focuses on Smashwords as a viable choice for self-publishing authors.

Why the Quality Reviewer can be a Writer's Great Asset
Power of the Word
Facebook- Social Media Gone Wrong
The Road to London --Review
Smashwords to the Rescue
Editing Software Lacks Perfection
Thought Food


Emma Styles
Jane Yates
Patrick Brigham

The Billy Goat Caper
How Charlie Saved my Life
The Survivalists

Art Gallery
Joshua Townley
Laurie Shanholtzer

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