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In this section, I will discuss briefly about the history of independent publishing, and then the independent book publishing and you. You might have heard about self-publishing before you stumbled with this book.

But you may still be wondering if you can also publish your own book, right? People ask me many questions when I tell them about independent publishing, especially here in South Sudan.

In South Sudan, the concept of writing and publishing your own book has been yet a dream to be discovered by many new and young authors. This is the reason why I tried to explain how the system works in this small guide.

You will learn how to set up your own publishing press online in this little guide. How can I get started with the publication of my book? How do I get paid when someone buys my book online? Just read on and you will get the answers to these important questions shortly.

The history of independent book publishing

The idea of independent book publishing started recently. This is the reason why many people find it hard to believe in it. Traditionally, if I happened to write a book, I should look for a well known publisher to edit, proofread, design and publish my book.

But today, you can do all these tasks yourself perfectly.

Many people do not know for sure what an independent book publishing is. There are advantages and disadvantages of this kind of publishing. But the advantages outweigh the disadvantages according to my understanding.

Writing and book making has a long story. Historically, the Bible was the first published book in 1456 in Gutenberg, and from there on, book printing and publishing began. Many publishing companies came up in Europe and the history of the book began.

In 1991, the Hypertext Protocol (http) went online, also the World Wide Web (www). This was indeed the beginning of a new era. was then launched in the year 1995 publishing books online in digital formats.

Today, there are many independent book publishing platforms such as the Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing, NOOK Press, Smashwords, and many more. Most of these platforms are free to join since you will be required to publish your own book.

Some platforms are not free to join, meaning you have to submit your work to them for editing and proofreading before it is published.

Why do you ask someone to do the work for you and still call it an independent publishing? I do not encourage or recommend such systems that ask for your manuscript.

Lulu is one of the free book publishing sites for both digital and paperback publications.

Today, you can publish your books in both digital and paperback formats with KDP and CreateSpace. CS is another Amazon company.

In 2011, e-books outsell both hardback paperback books!

Independent book publishing and you

Someone said If you don’t change, change will change you and I found this to be true. As we noted earlier, self-publishing is real and e-books now are becoming available in the virtual e-stores online.

What do you think about this technology? Are you ready for change or you still want to continue with the traditional publishing methods? There are many benefits in the independent book publishing world. You do not only have the full control on the time for your book to get published, but you also control where to sell it online.

You have to make a choice and make it now. Read more about self-publishing also known as the independent book publishing online. You can start with zero money to publish your books.

After a few months or weeks, people will begin to discover your work and buy it. Now, your book can start and manage the business for you.

My books buy the services I need for them, including the website. My books pay for their printing costs, including the shipping costs from USA to Africa.

My books made money that I used to setup a website and the buying of my domain name known as the and the money is still doing more. My books pay the book manufacturers such