The Myth of Heroe is a book of short lessons interspersed with a mythological story of a young child cast into a forest to fend for her/himself. The lessons and the story mirror each other. The story in short, is about learning to survive in the most dire of circumstances. The child grows up alone and has to learn what to eat and how to defend her/himself. The story is actually without gender so that each youth can, if they would, picture themselves as Heroe. Heroe fantasizes about the land of the golden lights that is settled across a raging river. When Heroe is old enough and strong enough, she/he fashions a canoe so that she/he cross the dangerous waters. It is a life or death moment and Heroe's canoe is swept up and over the vast waterfall. But Heroe does survives and comes to discover that she/he is the child of the King and Queen of this golden land that for so long she/he wanted to visit. Heroe was kidnapped and brought to Creeden with hopes that she/he would be devoured by the creatures there. The story is about survival and finding within, the majestic self that overcomes adversities of all kinds. The Lessons interspersed range from learning to be authentic 'you' to being financially savvy.
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