It is 1900 when Mary, an eighteen-year-old seminary student from a wealthy Washington, DC, family, begins longing for a handsome fellow student. But there is only one problem: John, who is studying to become a priest, is considered forbidden fruit. Still, as they become friends, Mary cannot suppress her growing feelings for him.

John is victim to his tortured conscience. Torn between his calling to the priesthood and his need for the love of a woman, he wonders if he will ever be able to reconcile his manly desires with his promise to God. One night after John and Mary finally confess their longing for each other, they agree to meet at a hotel where their passion escalates and their love deepens. The affair continues despite John’s battle with his internal demons—until their passion creates a tiny, innocent life. Now involved in a vital secret, the young couple is forced to leave their son, William, in an orphanage. As William embarks on a challenging journey through life, he must not only battle the anguish of abandonment, but also the torment of losing all he loves.

Based on a true story, this historical romance retells the story of a clandestine affair, their resulting love child, and the impact of all their decisions on future generations to come.
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ISBN: 9781468945430
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