Within myself I empathise with the main character who I share some similarities with, however in other factors we are worlds apart yet still I felt the plight of his anguish. This is a prolific story of an African American boy/man growing up in the Southern States, whom not only overcame a number of adversities in his life but survived to tell his tale. Some of his trials and tribulations were self-inflicted, but a large percentage as you will see was out of his definitive control. Yet throughout all his ordeals in one way or another he fought the fight to persevere, not always in the moral or ethical manner at times more frequently than most succumbing to human weaknesses. Forced into the onslaught of Katrina which he could have so easily avoided if not for sheer stubbiness, and escaping certain situations by a trifling margin of good fortune. Obviously if he could go back and change some of his indiscretions, in a heartbeat he would, but regrettably none of us get a second chance. At the end of it all he can only hope to emerge with a degree of dignity, able to face his accusers head held high without humiliation and indignity.
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