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Just a few bored billionaire brothers having fun. But at whose expense?

To alleviate their eventual boredom with the easy life, the wealthy Wilde brothers propose specific challenges to each other every year on their birthday. They’ve bedded supermodels, famous actresses and pop stars, but this year, Alec proposes they go after someone from their past—someone ‘normal’ yet elusive—and give them the time of their life.

Twins Brandon and Connor have to think hard about their prospects, but Alec knows exactly who he wants go after: Dahlia Bridges—a girl who has haunted him since their playground days. He thinks she could be the missing puzzle piece in his otherwise full, decadent life and he will do everything in his power to make her his. But how much will it take?

**This is the first book in 'The Billionaire's Desire' series, but it can be read as a standalone. The other books follow Alec's brothers.**

Themes: BWWM interracial love, black woman/white man, BBW curvy single mom/parent, rich, sweet alpha male, multicultural/multiracial/mixed relationships, wealth and luxury, sibling rivalry, cinderella tale, wmbw

Published: Poison Arrow Publishing on
ISBN: 9781311764454
List price: $2.99
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Alec - Rose Francis

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Alec: The Wilde Brothers is my seventh published book and the first book in the series: The Billionaire’s Desire—contemporary interracial romance tales starring three billionaire brothers: Alec, Brandon, and Connor.

The love stories of all three brothers are currently available! Each can be read as a standalone, but it’s recommended to read the books in their assigned order (beginning with this one).

Part I


Chapter 1

The Game of Love

Alec knew it would strike him again, yet he was still unprepared for the force of the jealousy and longing that seared through him when the lovely bride appeared on the lawn, and then began her walk up the petal-covered aisle toward his grinning, waiting friend.

Alec had had doubts about the integrity of the relationship between the blond beauty and his friend, Jake; he had wondered if they had ‘the real thing’ or an arrangement. But in that particular moment, the two looked genuinely ecstatic to be legally joined.

Alec wanted nothing to do with the beaming blonde in white—merely what she represented, and what being outside in formalwear on a stunning beach with a tropical wind kissing everyone’s faces meant.

No matter how much Alec had tried to drown out his longing with every luxury that money could buy, he knew exactly what he was missing, and it was a moment like this.

He also knew that he had no right to feel resentment toward Jake and Laura for discovering what he had been unable to uncover.

How dare he feel deprived? How could he feel anything but joy in Bora Bora, surrounded by heavenly island beauty?

It was not his first trip to the paradise, and likely not his last since it was one of his favorite locations for a love affair, and by the look on one of the three bridesmaids’ faces, the dawn of a new affair was on the horizon.

The pretty bridesmaid kept glancing at him—a brunette with unusually long black hair, dark eyes, and dimples—with a look that he recognized all too well. She was cute and obviously willing, but this time, Alec felt no desire to take her up on her silent offer.

She would probably look amazing naked with all that dark hair draped over her curvy body and tickling her hips, but Alec’s emotional funk prevented him from getting roused by the possibilities.

He figured that once he broke his strange mood, he would get back to his usual business and there would be no loss; even if he returned to his senses when the brunette was no longer around, it would be no problem finding another girl like her who was willing to give all of herself to him for whatever reason she had—whether it was merely the satisfaction of sleeping with a billionaire, or the silly hope that their fuck session could turn into something more.

Alec could not believe the number of women who thought sleeping with him nearly immediately would make him more interested in them; he didn’t get the logic at all. The women didn’t whet his appetite; they merely satisfied his temporary hunger, and once that was done, they had little more to offer him—at least, he never really got the chance to see if there was more to them since he lost interest so quickly.

The few he remembered made him work for it a little, and it gave him enough time to get to know them a bit, leading him to appreciate some of their unique qualities.

Still, none of them stuck, and damn it, he wanted a woman who would stick.

You think this could be you someday, man? Jake said when they got a moment alone, the ceremony melting into a light reception.

Alec nodded. Actually, I do.

Jake’s face transformed into shock. You know I wasn’t serious—are you really ready?

Alec just looked at him with an expression he was sure communicated just how serious he was.

Just then, the bridesmaid who had been making eyes at him made her way over to him.

Dance with me, she said, her dark eyes twinkling, and he obliged.

All the while they spun and dipped, Alec’s mind kept drumming something up—a memory, an impression.

Eventually, the churning stopped, and a face emerged clearly—a face that represented all that he had been looking for—and he knew exactly what he had to do.

Alec was grateful for the excuse of having to leave the reception almost immediately to fly out and meet his brothers for their annual birthday celebration. He looked forward to seeing them and hearing their stories about everything that had happened since the last time they saw each other, and he definitely couldn’t wait to hoist his proposition onto them.

Throughout the entire plane ride, he thought about how he would propose this year’s challenge to them. He considered just mentioning his long-term plan to his brothers, but no doubt, they’d laugh. They were only two years behind him, but in maturity, he felt like they lagged by at least five years. Alec decided that the only way—besides not mentioning his plan at all—was to frame his intent in the terms of the game they had been playing for the past three years.

As his jet made its way toward the Hawaiian beach house he shared with them, Alec ran over the plan in his mind again, trying to anticipate any objections and arrange his words in a way that would set off no alarms.

Even if his brothers didn’t agree to his proposition, he knew he had to go forward with his scheme. His urge had overtaken him; in fact, he had a hard time flying to their usual meeting spot instead of setting his plan into motion right away, but it would be good to see his brothers again.

Alec smiled as he took in the signs of his brothers’ arrival. For so much of their lives they repeated events in their birth order: his younger brothers always arriving at the beach house later than he did—Brandon slightly ahead of Connor like twenty-four years ago, when they slid out of their mother’s womb two minutes apart.

Alec didn’t know how their mother did it—if it was fate or if she induced it—but he was grateful she managed to give them all the same birthday, and an easy reason to see each other at least once a year in their adulthood.

Alec stood, ready to embrace his brothers as they burst through the door.

Brandon’s smile was wide as he entered, wearing only cargo shorts and sandals and with a surfboard at his side. Clearly, he had imminent plans for the ocean a few hundred feet away.

Happy Birthday, brother, Brandon said as Alec embraced him.

At six feet one, Alec was no shorty, but his younger brother dwarfed him by a few inches.

Happy Birthday, Alec replied. Heard from Connor?

He’ll be here soon. He stopped to chat up some chick.

Alec grinned. Of course.

"You mean you don’t have some chick around?" Brandon asked, looking around the house with exaggerated movements.

Come on, Brandon, you know this place is sacred ground—at least for today.

Brandon chuckled.

What about you? Alec said. Still no lucky lady in your life?

Come on—plenty of lucky ladies.

You know what I mean.

Brandon looked at him strangely. You mean like a girlfriend? Why the hell would I do that?

Alec didn’t answer.

Just then, they heard giggling and Connor entered the beach house with a grinning, bikini-clad cutie.

Every now and then, Alec was struck by how little the three of them looked alike. They all had blue eyes, but Connor stayed fair-haired past childhood, and although the same height as him, he had a lither, lean frame. Brandon towered over them both and had a medium-frame and light brown hair. Alec, although the second tallest, had the largest frame of them all—built in the gym. Brandon always asked him for tips to bulk up, and Alec never knew what to tell him—he had no need to stack up on pills and powders—his body just responded to his exercises.

You should totally audition to play Clark Kent sometime, Brandon had told him once—as if he’d ever be interested in acting. Alec had assumed his brother suggested it because of his eyes, dark hair, and heavily muscled physique, but then he quickly realized that his brother probably meant it mostly because of the geek who lived underneath it all.

Anyone who met Alec now would never imagine what he was like before, but neither he nor his brothers could forget.

These days, Alec was well aware of the effect his evolved physicality had on women and why they had no chance against him or his brothers since, beyond their billions, women considered them ‘dreamy.’ They had even had women approach the three of them with an interest in sleeping with them all, but the idea did not appeal to Alec.

One girl had wanted them on the same night, and Connor had been down for it, but, of course, wanted to go first.

Another simply went after both him and Connor after sleeping with Brandon, and Connor took her up on her offer, but Alec refused; he was not interested in any of his brothers’ sloppy seconds—the same night or otherwise.

Connor broke away from his current girl to briefly hug him and Brandon, wishing them a happy birthday before going back to the girl’s side.

These are my brothers: Alec and Brandon—my twin. Fraternal, obviously.

The girl smiled at each of them in turn, shaking hands with her fingertips.

This is Melissa, Connor said, smiling at her.

She frowned briefly but corrected him with a smile. Clarissa, she said.

Connor whispered something in her ear and she giggled. Then he led her away toward the stairs.

Brandon rolled his eyes. Sacred ground, huh? he said with a wry smile as he watched the couple ascend.

Alec observed Brandon examining the girl’s butt under her flimsy bikini coverup.

Well, nothing’s sacred to Connor, Alec grumbled, trying not to feel put off; after all, the three of them used the house at various times of the year to rendezvous, even though it officially belonged to him. But this day was supposed to be about them alone, and the house was supposed to stay clean—at least for one day.

Alec would remind Connor later.

I’m itching to ride some waves, Brandon said. While he’s busy up there, I’m gonna hit the surf. Be back in a reasonable time.

An hour later, the girl avoided eye contact with him as she and Connor came down the stairs and then headed outside.

Great, Alec thought.

He knew his impatience was a bit selfish, and that they probably never got to their game right