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West of Tombstone

126 pages2 hours


In the Arizona wasteland, a wanderer meets a man he cannot trust

Cameron Black gallops across the alkali flats on a stolen horse, a Henry rifle at his side. Horse theft is a hanging offense in Arizona, but that means nothing to Cam. If the law catches up to him, they can only hang him once, and he has already been sentenced to die. Just twelve days earlier Cam was a law-abiding man, making his way to Tombstone in hopes of finding work. He was nearly there when he met Stony, a hardened old salt who offered to share the trail with him. This man would save Cam’s life a half-dozen times in the next few days—but he is also the reason Cam would face the hangman’s rope.

Fleeing the law, Cam takes refuge in the desert, a desperate gamble that nearly amounts to a death sentence of its own. Tombstone is the most dangerous town in the West—but the wasteland around it is far deadlier. 

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