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The Bounty Killers

117 pages2 hours


On the run from a bounty hunter, a bank robber searches for mercy

Billy Gillis waits on the street as his cousin Pearly robs the bank. Fresh out of Yuma prison, Pearly has not killed anyone since his release, but with each robbery the cousins pull, the former jailbird inches closer to murder. Young Billy thought he wanted an outlaw’s life, but after a few weeks on the run with his cousin, he feels panic creeping in. At twenty years old, he is too young to die.

A gun fires inside the bank, and Pearly races out—money in his hand and a dead man on the floor behind him. On the run from a murder charge, Billy and the gang ride like mad. Pursuing them is Big Jack Corrigan, a bloodthirsty bounty hunter who puts the dead in dead or alive. After his first taste of outlaw life, Billy Gillis wants to go straight. But Big Jack Corrigan might not give him the chance.

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