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On the Wapiti Range

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Desperate for a kill, a mysterious hunting party invades a settler’s land

Years ago, Lee Trent did a favor for the Cheyenne, who rewarded him by setting aside a parcel of land where no man but he could hunt, trap, or homestead. He lived quietly in the shadow of the snowcapped mountains for years—until the day that a hunting party arrived from the East and turned his peaceful world upside down.

The party is led by the bloodthirsty Baron Stromberg, a European aristocrat who has come to hunt all manner of Western game. He has killed buffalo, mountain lions, moose, and deer, and all that he needs to complete his collection is a wapiti, the fabled elk of the mountains. Against his better judgment, Trent agrees to let the baron hunt. But when the shoot becomes a bloodbath, he finds himself caught between the killers from the east and the Cheyenne whom he saved long ago. 

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