"Truth Simplified" is a recollection of my thoughts and feelings around various topics and subjects from the perspective of exploring and discerning the truth of true religion. The longing to understand religion is inherent in all living beings as the cycle of life and death perplexes every individual. However, we deny it as we cannot comprehend it. It is easier and safer to live in the familiar territories than to venture into unknown or unfamiliar zones. The book is a humble effort to explore the meaning and significance of true religion in our lives.
I was born and brought up in a Hindu family and continue to follow Hindu traditions and practices besides reading Holy scriptures of other religions. I had a difficult childhood. Experiences of parental neglect and abuse, my social work education and child-protection work experience led me to search for the meaning of true religion. My anxious heart was looking for ways to get even with the perpetrators. However, I discovered my answer through love and compassionate understanding.
The purpose of this book is not to express ideas about God and religion, as I understand them, but to explore the possibility of arriving at the “real truth” or “one truth.” The real truth is one, whether we believe it or not. There may be different ways or religions to know God, but there is only one God. We arrive at the ultimate truth by trusting our innate ability to discern the truth. I consider science as one of the religions, which is exploring the truth of God in a scientific way. Louis Pasteur, a world-renowned French chemist and biologist said: “A little science estranges men from God; much science leads them back to Him.”
The topics and subjects in the book have been selected as they resonate strongly with some of my beliefs, values and experiences. They will interest every reader searching for true religion. The book endeavors to take the reader through the journey of life to discover the meaning of true religion.
The first chapter, composed of two topics, narrates my childhood experiences laying the foundation in my quest for true religion.
The second chapter inquires into the topics of feelings, anxiety, fear, courage, relationship, solitude, and yoga as they have been my constant companions in my search for true religion.
The third chapter strives to gain a healthy sense of balance in our understanding by exploring conflicting subject matters of shame & honor, freedom & responsibility, love & hate, and grief & joy. The chapter also seeks to clarify the topics of needs & wants and power & control in a meaningful way.
The fourth chapter investigates our beliefs around age-long puzzling questions of predestination, soul, destiny & freewill, light & dark, and known & unknown to understand mystical aspects of religion.
The fifth and the final chapter speaks about importance of self knowledge and right perception in bringing enlightenment in our lives and drawing us closer to God and true religion.
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