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Ultimate Hangover Cure

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The "Ultimate Hangover Cure" reveals the secrets to, first, drinking in the proper way and with the proper preparations to avoid next-morning problems, and second, to creating "the incredible shrinking hangover" should you overdo it the night before. That is, vanquish your hangover in no time before leaving your house for the day.

My theme is "a good offense is the best defense" as I take you through the steps necessary to enjoy a night out on the town hitting all the hot spots and avoiding a hangover in the morning. Since we're all human and go overboard from time to time, I also show you the proven secrets to creating "the incredible shrinking hangover," that is, one that's diminished to the point of feeling normal by the time you leave the house. (No, you can't jump out of bed and leave the house immediately. There are steps you need to take. There's no magic hangover-cure pill, and if there were, I'd be marketing it.

Get the "Ultimate Hangover Cure" today so you can "work hard, play hard" and avoid the penalties that come from uninformed, unprepared drinking.

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