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His Captive Miracle

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Biographer Brianna Willis has just written the one book that might get her killed. After ghostwriting the shocking life story of a kindly old Russian man, she suddenly finds herself the target of an assignation plot. It seems that more than one person would be willing to kill her in order to ensure the secrets she learned die with her.

Dmitry Markov is one of the people who needs the secrets Brianna knows to stay buried. On meeting the pretty redhead, he feels a desire so intense, he decides to take her into his protection. That protection comes with one condition; marriage.

But this will be no marriage of convenience. Dmitry has every intention of enjoying every intimate charm Brianna has to offer, and he has no problem turning the fiery little woman over his knee when she fails to comply. With nowhere to turn, Brianna is forced to submit to Dmitry’s demands in every way.

Dmitry’s dominance is strangely intriguing, whether he’s spanking her for misbehaving or treating her body like his personal playground, and Brianna soon finds herself falling in love. But can Dmitri love her back or will he always see her as nothing more than his captive wife?

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