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Broken Vows

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There was someone in the house. Didn’t he hear it? I raised my head to see a figure in the darkness. He was standing over the baby’s crib. Please don’t take my baby my heart pleaded, please. He snatched my baby and ran deeper into the darkness of the hallway. I sat up and was able to make out a figure coming towards me. I begged him not to hurt me, assured him he could have whatever he wanted but to spare my children. He silently agreed and then the baby snatcher re-entered the room. “We’ll just take this for a little assurance” he threatened, grabbing my marriage license and a piece of mail. I laughed inside knowing that what he had, meant nothing since I was moving next week and since that marriage license belonged to me and my ex-husband. They walked out and I ran to the living room, thankful that my family was still intact. But where was the baby...

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