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The Mindwriter: Episode 1

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The Godbolt Trinity Series is told in first person fashion, in epistolary form, by each of the three main characters, or Godbolt Trinity, in an effort to reach Oprah, in an attempt to secure her assistance in some way, since she, in the view of Chris Bontey, is obviously the most powerful, if not most influential, person in the universe. Godbolt takes the lion’s share of the book, followed by The Mindwriter, and lastly the ANM.

Kevin Sarcy or The Mindwriter is an ambition mind reader and writer with immense powers and promise, who, apart from ambition, has a very sadistic and egotistical streak. He is a downright bastard.

Blastus Legend or The Anti-Nigger Machine, named after the Public Enemy song of the same title, is an ex-college basketball star who injured his knee and thus ending his hopes of NBA stardom. To make matters worse, Legend loses his scholarship and is forced to leave school. These events leave Legend a deeply bitter man. He sees much of his fate as a result of his color. He is extremely depressed and moves to the inner-city and becomes a drug dealer and pimp. However, when he develops special powers, Legend’s life takes a completely different turn.

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