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Jason Of The Valley

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Hollywood. The land of beautiful people and their dramas. This story isn't about them. This is a story about what happens on the other side of that famous sign.

Jason Preston has problems. He's stuck in a dead end job. His writing career is going nowhere fast and he's got a porn star roommate who keeps stealing his dates. His struggles to find happiness with love and career send him down several twisted paths, but every step of the way he has his friends right behind him; complete witih their own problems.

Jason's best friend, Cynthia Davis, has just been set up with Douglas. A man who is just too perfect to be real, or is he?

Sasha DuPre, a fading Hollywood star, is trying to both revitalize her career and avoid prison on tax evasion charges which leads her to work with Bill Kaslow, a sleazy film producer looking to make his first serious film. When the backing falls through, Bill decides to move the production in an entirely new direction.

From sleazy porn producers, evil exes and psycho serial killers, everyone's just trying to find their happy ending in The Valley.

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