Blind Temptation
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Lorna Robinson is a small town girl who moved to NYC to put her business degree to better use. The prospects for endeavors were not at all what she hoped it would be. She was offered, and accepted a job at a high paid escort service. From there her life changed dramatically. Forced to wear a blind fold when entertaining her gentleman caller. Lorna learns to trust with all her senses. He broke her down when no one else could. Gave her a better understanding of life, sexuality, and discipline. Only one thing is left to be learned. The identity of her caller. Who is he? Is it possible to fall for someone you have never seen? Will she ever know the face of the man who has taught her to see so much beauty with out actually gazing upon it ?
Volume 1 of a 6 series collection follows Lorna and her quest to discover the man she has given so much of herself to. Can you figure out who he is?
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ISBN: 9781468946819
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