More Unusual Poetry

By: Elaine M. Mullen

Once again writing with passion and purpose, the author personalizes a wide and varied subject matter. Little escapes her reflection. Whether exploring aging, our hearts, souls, destiny, families, forgiveness, acceptance, prayer, possibility, Nine-Eleven, PTSD, pain, need, casualties, attitude, thoughts, words, walls, or God, she examines how the external can impact the internal and possibly the eternal. Celebrating our uniqueness or pondering our commonality, the words strung together paint a vivid picture how our world: due to or despite our best efforts, shapes and defines our character, the present and our futures. Speaking of promise, or promise denied; it looks at staying in the moment or forging onwards towards tomorrow and possibility. The writer suggests: "No one emerges from this world the same, and my writings are forays into how and why that might be".

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ISBN: 9781493188352
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