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Surely Life: You And I (Reflections On Love and Sorrow) reflects wishes of many souls that opens up every dream, faith, love, sometimes has the agony alive. Here I tried to come up with right words to express my emotions and my inherent love of nature immersed in its beauties. I believe each of my poems appeals classic in its aptitude to engross anyone’s mind and rejuvenate his or her soul. Every now and then my thoughts teem with pathos, love and philosophy, again all my thoughts and fancies are concentrated on true patriotism too. I believe my book of poems must be considered as the unique of its kind. So many minds have helped me write these poems that I am no longer solely sure of my claim to those feelings as uniquely my own. Here I try to be anyone’s mind forever and help my readers view my works which are also reflections of their minds. The kernel of contemplations, urges and delights I strewed the booklovers will gather those, and I rest assured they will zest too. And of course, blessed I am who have found beautiful minds around me. However, I owe much to the editors of the following newspapers in which many of these poems published: The Daily Star (Bangladesh), Daily Sun (Bangladesh) and Free Press (OHIO, USA). Not merely for their media recognitions, but for their emotions as well, there are many well-wishers of mine who enthused to explore the standings of thoughts and jargons demonstrated in poetic works, I express my love and deeply felt thanks to them. My book Life: You And I (Reflections on Love and Sorrow) is simply a celebration for those published poems, a tribute to all inspirations.
Published: Xlibris on May 2, 2014
ISBN: 9781499012026
List price: $3.99
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