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Auron Sypher lives a normal life as a twenty-five year old game developer with his girlfriend, Angie Maldano. After a long week at work, Auron, Angie, and a group of their close friends decide to have a relaxing evening out in Seattle. The night is enjoyable as usual, but the drive home drags them out of their simple lives and forces them into a vortex of confusion and despair.
After almost being involved in a nearly fatal car crash, they find that a curse has begun flowing through their veins. Now, the only way to cure themselves is to investigate the life and death of the man who nearly drove his truck into them. Who is this strange man, and what is his connection to this unexpected curse?
Auron doesn’t realize his true nature until the unimaginable happens. How far will he go to save his friends and the love of his life? What will he discover about himself when he is put through his worst fears?
Published: Xlibris on
ISBN: 9781493199730
List price: $3.99
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