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A Journey through the Histories of the Provinces of the Republic of Ireland

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Take a journey back in time with Travelling through the Emerald Isle. Learn about the histories of the cities that are prominent attractions in Ireland. This book details the histories of various areas and places located through the provinces of Leinster, Connaught, Munster and Ulster, including Galway, Dublin and Roscommon. The stories are perfect for anyone who is thinking of travelling to Ireland or someone who just thirsts for the knowledge of the land.

"Today, Ring of Kerry brings a wide variety of tourists to its beautiful lands as an attraction. It has long been recognised as one of Ireland’s most scenic areas, trails and drives. It holds the historic charm of the ancient buildings, as well as the terrain of natural beauty. Its history dates back far into the Neolithic period, where archaeologists have uncovered the tombs of those who were buried alongside their ancient artefacts. Most of the well-known history of the area relates to the period in time as Christianity was just beginning its spread throughout Europe."

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