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A Faerie Bad Deal

298 pages4 hours


He was just a guy driving away from a job.

A gas pedal depressed as he sped away from the setting sun was all that was on his mind. Nothing out there in the barren straits of West Texas would stop him from moving.

But She didn't want him to stop moving. That'd mean they would find her.

John Donner was driving away from an oil-field job. Edithia Primrose was running away from a deal gone sour.

John didn't know anything of Faeries or Goblins or Demons. He only knew that one of them had made her way into his truck and currently held a kitchen knife to his neck. Her only command was to drive.

John, an unwilling taxi for a cursed run-away, finds himself on the wrong end of a civil war. His own family secrets are revealed in a flash of gunshots and magic.

And all the while, a shadow stalks from the West.

A Faerie Bad Deal, the first novel by Dean Kennedy, has everything from two-timing faeries to bar-running goblins. An urban contemporary fantasy with babes, booze, guns, magic, and plenty of hard questions, this first work takes the reader on a wild ride through the eyes of our unsuspecting hero, John Donner.

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