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'Gladiators' The Masons Kingdom

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An envious student is captivated by the mysterious lifestyles of fellow mates in the university and yearns to become part of the group. Oblivious of what it entailed to become one of them, Rupert easily falls into Alaine's trap who entices him into cultism in cahoots with the rest of her associates forming the “Gladiators”. While in pursuit of easy earned bucks, Rupert finds it irresistible to decline the offer but it turns out the cash is a bloody affair. He finds himself intertwined in the core of unfathomable ritual acts with consequential drawbacks and near impossibility of quitting the masonry. He earns himself a baptismal name “Raider” just like everyone else who had colloquial code names from their god Pinto. He turns out to be a rebellious mason threatening to bring the masonry sect into its knees by divulging its evil deeds capitalized by mysterious deaths of resourceful citizens.

While investigating the mystery behind Jenny's disappearance from Crempton University’s campus, Agent Doyle and Donovan were aided by her fellow schoolmate and classmate who turned out to be Rupert. Surprisingly, he was the murderer. Aided by Hector, his new acquaintance, the C.I.B Agents embark on a rescue mission and the beginning of an end for the masonry community stares. They unearth unsolved mysteries dramatically amid torturous experiences for both Raider and Agent Doyle. It eventually dawns on them tertiary institutions of learning like Crempton University are hubs of cults and ritual killers in the name of religious believes.

'Gladiators' The Masons Kingdom will give you a thrilling adventure and a chilling experience of equal measure. It uses an exotic setting of imagination, a city that exists in the Authors imagination intended to engage the reader in mystery, a different world altogether. It uncovers engagements by young adults in organizations they know little about that take advantage of their insatiable need for fast bucks. The content is mesmerizing and stupefying whereas quenching your thirst for some fiction literature.

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