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Obeying the Great Commission

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Learn how to enjoy sharing the gospel in this workbook. For individuals or groups.

Do you love others as much as yourself? Probably not. Many care very much about their own daily well-being, but few love others to that same extent. The Lord Jesus Christ told his disciples to go and teach all nations. We are foolish and unloving if we ignore those who desperately need to hear about Jesus.

This book will not only tell you what to do, but also how to do it. You will grow in your own faith as you walk through the daily lessons. Sharing the gospel is simple and easier than you think. You don’t need to memorize tons of Scripture before you start. You don’t need to be prepared to answer every question. You don’t need to have the boldness of Paul.

Did you realize that in each unbeliever is a natural desire to know the Lord? Your job is to share what the Lord has done for you and all lost sinners. You will seek first, pray daily, and look constantly for the kingdom. You will become God’s instrument by walking alongside your new converts and being a spiritual mentor. Sound like work? The Lord’s yoke is easy and exciting. Discover tremendous joy as you fulfill what the Lord’s disciples began.

About the Author
Dr. James Wilkins is an author, teacher, pastor, evangelist, and director of New Testament Ministries. Dr. Wilkins has been privileged with starting thirteen churches. He has taught in several Independent Baptist Bible colleges, authored more than sixty books and booklets, spoken on national TV and radio, and preached over 44,000 times.
Dr. Wilkins’ heart and soul has persisted in the area of soul winning and discipleship. And with books like The Drama at the Cross, Designed to Win, and The Milk of the Word, he has not only seen souls saved, but has also built a lasting foundation of faith for these new believers.

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