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What Becomes A Legend Most

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Cassie Hamilton is a rock musician trying to conquer her personal demons while fighting to climb the record charts. A survivor of sexual abuse and an impressionable young woman with a knack for becoming involved with some of rock’s most notorious bad boys, Cassie fights against sexism, drug and alcohol abuse, and her own nagging self-doubt to obtain the fame and respect she craves.Filled with cautionary tales of fame and excess, regret and redemption, What Becomes a Legend Most creates a world where sex, violence, drugs, and death are commingled into a deadly cocktail that rock star Cassie Hamilton finds hard to resist. Through Cassie’s revelations the reader is provided with a backstage pass to the real world of rock, where Cassie quickly learns that besides drugs and sex, nothing is free, and her insatiable appetite for fame is her ultimate downfall.

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