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Fight Back Against Stress and Fatigue!: How the Secrets of Your Hair Can Reveal Underlying Health Issues

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This e-book is divided into three sections. It will teach you about the secrets to unlocking energy, showing you the state of stress and fatigue your body is experiencing and what you can do about it. The first section of this book explores the intricacies and origins of hair mineral tissue analysis. This will examine what information the test can provide you with and how it can tell you about your level of health and how your body is coping with stress.Part 2 explores the way that different minerals can affect your health. We will look at the three common stress response patterns seen in people, examining how they are influenced by different mineral ratios and exploring many of the health problems commonly associated with each type. The third and final part of this e-book looks at how you can take charge of your stress and fatigue. We will provide you with different tips and tricks for improving the levels of good minerals, eliminating the heavy metals and boosting your health and energy!

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