Fate Rode the Wind
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The Great Depression tore countless American lives, families, and dreams apart. As the country struggled to survive against unimaginable domestic challenges, tensions across the sea would soon draw the world into a war beyond imagination. The stories of bravery and sacrifice made by those who fought in that world war are familiar to us, but it is often in the smaller stories that aren’t told that a new perspective can be found.
The Quinn family of Illinois has suffered alongside their neighbors during the Great Depression, but unlike many, they have never lost sight of the promise of better times ahead. The Depression is showing signs of lifting, and the family risks it all for their own dream. Together for whatever the future might bring, the family moves into a primitive farmhouse on their newly acquired land, hoping for salvation and independence. Life is bleak in those first years, as no amount of hard work can create a profit from the unyielding land. Over his wife’s objections, Milburn Quinn makes a bold decision to present his children with a gift. Although it is intended to keep them grounded and entertained, this gift comes with dire consequences for all.
Set in a time when the world’s norms are being turned upside down like the sod behind a plow, Fate Rode the Wind tells a story of one family’s undying patriotism, unending trials, and unconditional love.
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