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It is 1953, and the Rogue Valley of Oregon is enjoying the August sun and the 90 degree weather. Jeana is making a stand. She is going independent of all others. On her own from here on out. Not yet fourteen years old but weary of life as she knows it. So began a life of independence and self survival. The beginning of a life that spans sixty years. We address these sixty years that begin with her birth in Little Rock, Arkansas. Her father’s absence and mother’s lack of concern are overshadowed at first by her grandfather’s love and tender moments. She describes, “I was born to the wrong parents”, as being a reality she cannot change, ever. Working twelve to fourteen hour days was routine and her objective never waivers. “I’ll be somebody, someday.” As we bounce back and forth through Jean’s life you will witness her sincere innocence, the challenging learning curve she has to endure and the true meaning of unconditional love. The trials of a woman who is just about to smell the roses of success receives a phone call that changes her goals in life to completely different objectives. She finally submits to the only skill that she seems to have come by naturally. “Provider,” is her definition preference for the ages oldest profession. Her story spans nearly fifty years of perfecting her skills and the many other interventions, adventures and tragedies that befall her. Jeana’s travels brought her into contact with some famous personalities. Frank Sinatra, Tony Savalas, and other Hollywood celebrities to name a few. So, for a little pear picker from Oregon, Jeana’s travels were extensive. Her story is as colorful as the characters she met along the way. This is based on her story simply retold from her collections.
Published: Xlibris on May 6, 2014
ISBN: 9781499007152
List price: $3.99
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