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Knight's Surrender

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Aylan Suresword is a spirited thirteenth century farm girl of seemingly common origin who blends her special knowledge of herbology with her new found gift of magic. With her handmaid, Millie, hijinks ensue as she is whisked through a mystical tale of danger and romance, where upon she is ultimately forced to make a desperate decision in the face of death between freedom for her people, or her own life.

Knight's Surrender, is the first of five books in the Binding of the Almatraek series, to be followed by Noble Pursuit. Each book in the series is told from the point of view of a different one of the main characters. The first is told from the perspective of a peasant girl, who thwarts a theft in the marketplace and is sought after by the prince, who hires her to become his future mage. The following book continues the tale from the prince's perspective years later, when he is about to take the throne.

This book is appropriate for ages nine (when students start to learn about medieval times), to adult, and features strong female characters that shine just as brightly as the males.

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