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Greg Cottingham (GC-Tech, Microsoft) wrote about ‘Mr. Abaddon & Ollie, Before The Still’:
I must say, I really love this story! You unique use of descriptive adjectives really paints great imagery. The scenery and surroundings involve all the senses (like the Kitchen scene has: flavor, aroma, visuals and he Oakland, CA scene with: various musics in the background. I also love the way the writing appears to change pace and causes the reader to speed up and slow down to match what is happening in your mind. For example, when you are reading in bed, (I don’t want to destroy the effect.) the changes of time and local are immediate in some cases and seem to change in succession: (Hotel room to street corner to bus ride to smoky stage etc) ... this results in a quickening or sense of urgency in the reader as well (at least in my case).
Then, in some cases there is the onset of the shades of gray and the Bird Elephant call that seems to usher in a change in scenery... the reader then expects a change of scenery. I found it interesting how you react to circumstances during this episodes - the fact that you never have time or consider saying "Stop!!! This is all wrong!!!" gives the reader a hint that this may be a dream.... (or not). You seem to go through all the scenes feeling like you should be there doing whatever you are doing at the given moment..
Overall, the reading (and afterwards) appears to mirror (pun intended) the Alice in Wonderland book that you were reading (or planning to read)... but instead of Wonderland's 19th century scenery and descriptions, the reader is presented with psychedelic motifs (sitar music, 60's rock lyrics). This really reveals a complexity to you that I did not know was there.
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