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This book is an expanded edition of my book, The Coming Guest: Advancing Jung’s Augury into the 21st Century (2011, iUniverse) in which I examine three “documents of the soul”: a little-known high relief carving at Bollingen c.1960, along with two letters Jung wrote. In these “documents” I detected the presence of “two Jungs”. One is the depth psychologist whose legacy has developed into a discipline of psychology of the soul, with its methodology. The other is the artist who has left us a hidden legacy—one that has remained virtually unnoticed for fifty years. This legacy also has a methodology—one very different from that of depth psychology. In this edition I begin the task of articulating the methodology of the art form that Jung inaugurated. Both depth psychology and this new art form remain faithful to Jung’s notion of the soul as world-constituting, or as Jung says in his letter to Sir Herbert Read, the coming guest. Where depth psychology seeks to bring the coming guest into consciousness, the new art form seeks to bring “him” into incarnation!
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